Redacción de Inglés: Describing a person

Otra de las redacciones que hice el curso pasado en la escuela de idiomas fue escribir una carta donde describieramos a una persona que se iba a quedar con una familia en inglaterra, dando tanto descripción física como de personalidad y ofreciendo además aspectos positivos y negativos. Para esta descripción me basé en mi cuñaina pequeña:

Hi Stephanie,

As you ask me in your last email, I’m going to tell you about my friend Sara. She’s 21 and she’s studying Architecture in Valladolid. She’s the youngest of three sisters. She has got shoulder length brown hair, big dark eyes and thin eyebrows. Her nose is wide and her mouth is small with full lips. She is medium height, slim and quite pretty.

Sara is incredibly charming and quite sympathetic – I think all her friends are a bit in love with her! She’s also very good at making friends. She’s very hard working and intelligent, in fact, this is her fourth year at university and she passed all her initial exams. She’s also very reliable and responsible – I trust her for everything and she’s never failed me yet.

She loves going out with her friends, just like me, visiting other cities and taking a lot of photos of buildings and monuments – she has thousands of photos of buildings, bridges and all kind of constructions. She gets on really well with her sisters – they talk each other every day on their mobile phone.

Nevertheless, not all in Sara is perfect: she’s a bit bad-tempered and sometimes, she’s a little bossy: when she has a really bad day, she can shouts at you, but some minutes after, she apologizes to you. I’m completely sure that you and your family are going to get on well with her.

I don’t know if you need more information about Sara; let me know if you need it.

Best regards,

¡Un besito Sareta!

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Una respuesta to “Redacción de Inglés: Describing a person”

  1. claudia lopez Says:

    Estupenda entrada. Me gustó mucho toda la cantidad de informacion que aportas. Te lo agradezco


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