Redacción de Inglés: Nightmare journey

Esta es una redacción de tercero de la EOI (Nivel Intermedio I), en la que teníamos que describir un viaje en el que hubieramos tenido algún problema, usando para ello el vocabulario aprendido para los viajes. Me decanté por un vuelo que hicimos a Viena con unos compañeros de trabajo a finales de 2007, el cual fue un poco ‘movidito’ (nunca mejor dicho):

One of my nightmare journeys was on December of 2007: that year I was working for a German company called Comparex that have offices in many cities of Europe, Mérida included. Some of my colleagues and I had been excellent workers, so my company got us an all paid holiday to Vienna.
The secretary didn’t have enough time to buy the flight tickets that we wanted, so she bought the tickets in a low cost airline. At the beginning we didn’t mind, because we were really happy with the trip.

The journey from Mérida to Madrid was great: we went by car the day before the flight and we were talking the entire journey about all the things that we would do in Vienna. When we got to Madrid, we went to have dinner in a charming restaurant and after that we went to sleep in a very comfortable hotel.

The day of the flight we woke up early, in order to get to the airport on time. When we arrived at Barajas, we checked in and then we got into the plane. It was an old and small plane and the engine sound was extremely loud and horrible: I was sitting next to my wife, who came with us, and I hardly ever heard her, but it wasn’t the worst thing. When we were flying over the Pyrenees, the plane began to shake. At first, we laughed a lot, but when we realized that the plane didn’t stop shaking, all of us looked at each other and suddenly we shut up and held on to the seat. The turbulences didn’t stop until about 15 minutes but it seemed much more time!! Even the flight attendants were terrified. Later, they told us that they had never suffered so many and so strong turbulences in their careers, and they had been working for ages.
In the end, we landed successfully and we had an absolutely great holiday. The return trip was brilliant and we didn’t have any problem.



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