Redacción de Inglés: Must have DVD: Inception

Este año no he podido continuar con mis clases de inglés enla EOI, pues ahora toca estudiar para las próximas oposiciones, y me da muchísima pena, pues de verdad que me gustaba ir a clase y notaba que cada día aprendía algo nuevo, además teníamos un grupo bastante animado de estudiantes y nos lo pasábamos muy bien, sobre todo cuando la profe acompañaba (ay Nieves, lo que te echaremos de menos!!).

Para evitar echar de menos mis clases de inglés y para repasar un poco, publicaré de vez en cuando alguna de las redacciones que hice el curso pasado, en Nivel Intermedio 2.

Hoy toca la sinopsis de una película, en la que teníamos que narrar una película e indicar si era recomendable o no, además había que usar en la medida de lo posible la voz pasiva. En mi caso escogí Origen (Inception):

Have you seen an unusual film recently? Lately, it seems that only remakes of earlier films, especially blockbusters, have been made. So, when you see film with an original plot it is like a breath of fresh air and Inception is the freshest film in the last years.

Inception was directed and written by Christopher Nolan, the same director that had directed the last update versions of Batman or who directed and wrote the amazing Memento. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio who plays the part of Cobb.  This actor has played other interesting characters in his last films, like Shutter Island or The Departed. The film was nominated for 8 Oscars, including best picture and best original screenplay.

The film is set in several locations like the United States, Japan, France, Morocco… in an alternative present where technology makes it possible to enter into people’s mind through their dreams.

The film is about Cobb’s odd skill, which makes him able to enter in the minds of his targets using dream within a dream to extract information. At the beginning of the film, Cobb and his colleagues try to extract information from Mr. Saito, a powerful and rich businessman from Tokyo, but they fail and the company which hired him wants to kill him. Nevertheless, Mr. Saito realizes Cobb’s skill and wants him to do a special work: planting an idea within Mr. Saito’s rival instead of extracting information: if Cobb does the job well, Mr. Saito will help him to come back home since he can not come back because he is suspected of murdering his wife.

I strongly recommend Inception due to its superb script, the brilliant cast and the breathtaking special effects, with special mention to the collapse of the Japanese Castle and the hotel without gravity. In my opinion, it is one of the best films I have seen in the last years.

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2 comentarios to “Redacción de Inglés: Must have DVD: Inception”

  1. Chema Liso Says:

    The “idea” the film try to introduce into a human being is a good starting point. However, you go to the cinema to see a dream-based film where you expect to see big imagination dosis and you find some “dreaming levels”. In the first level you see men with machine-guns. In the second level you see men with machine-guns. In the third level you see men with machine guns, and so on.

    • caldorim Says:

      That’s the mind of that guy: guns and guns. But, for example, if you could see my “dreaming levels” you’d see sex and more sex!! 😉


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