Redacción de Ingés: Describing a house

Otra de las redacciones de inglés que compuse el año pasado era sobre la descripción de una casa: debiamos poner el anuncio de una casa en alquiler, haciendo la descripción de la misma. Me basé en la casa de mi amiga Alicia, en Robledillo de la Vera, la que por cierto, no se alquila! Ahí va: 

Do you need to relax and recharge your batteries? You only need to spend a weekend in this superb house and all your stress will disappear!

This amazing house is situated in Robledillo de la Vera, a little village in the North of Cáceres, and it is oriented to the Gredos mountains so it has breathtaking views, especially in winter since the snow cover the mountains.

It’s a spacious house with 2 floors and a basement with a magnificent stone facade and a beautiful and well-kept terrace full of plants and flowers. The ground floor has a large and country décor kitchen, a light living room, a pleasant dining room with room for 12 people, a little bathroom and a bedroom. Upstairs, there are 4 spacious bedrooms and a large bathroom with a Jacuzzi. Two of these bedrooms have an enormous balcony with spectacular views, where you can breathe the relaxing air of the Vera.

There is enough room in the basement for 2 cars and there is also another kitchen/dining room and a toilet.

It’s a quiet and safe neighborhood and the neighbours are really kind and friendly. The village is in the middle of the Vera so it is easy to discover the entire region from here.

This house has central heating, air conditioner and internet. It’s perfect to families or group of friends that need to have a rest. Sorry, no pets.

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3 comentarios to “Redacción de Ingés: Describing a house”

  1. Carmen Jimenez Says:

    Hi. My name is Carmen and I enjoyed your writing a lot. I don’t understand why these house is didn’t rent yet?.

    • caldorim Says:

      Hi Carmen. Firs of all, sorry for the delay in replaying and thanks for your comment. This is an imaginary house and, of course, is not for rent. Anyway, I don’t say in the writing that the house is no longer for rent. Do you need any help with this writing?

  2. ana Says:

    hola, me ha gustado mucho tu redacción y me preguntaría si podrías subir una redacción describiendo a una persona. MIl gracias


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