Redacción de Inglés: Discussing public/private medicine

En esta redacción de segundo de nivel intermedio de la EOI había que discutir sobre los beneficios y perjuicios de la medicina pública y privada. Me quedó una cosa así:

What would you prefer if you could choose? Public medicine, with its waiting lists, bored and tired although well-prepared doctors and excellently-equipped hospitals and health centres or private medicine, with too expensive bills, smiling doctors and nurses who look after you (and your money) and with much shorter or even no waiting lists?

In my opinion, public medicine is absolutely essential because there are too many people that cannot afford private services. Therefore, the professionals of public medicine usually have more experience than the private ones, although in many cases, they are the same professionals. The worst of all are the interminable waiting lists for appointments with specialists and surgeons. And, what is being done to reduce this? Nothing, apart from manipulated data.

On the other hand, private medicine is the best way not only to avoid the huge waiting lists of public medicine, but also to have a second opinion about your health problems (despite of the bill).

To conclude, I think that both of them are necessary and they can live together in harmony. Nevertheless, oddly enough, unless I were in a hurry, I would prefer public medicine even if I were rich, in spite of the fact that we all know that this system must be improved.



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