Redacción de Inglés: Promoting Slow Cities

Esta es otra de las redacciones de inglés que confeccioné en segundo nivel intermedio de la EOI. En esta ocasión teníamos que poner puntos a favor y en contra para promocionar una ciudad como “Slow City”. Quedó una cosa así:

First of all I’m for promoting small family restaurants because these kind or restaurants serve local and regional food, elaborated with traditional recipes. We all know that slow food is the best way to feel better and healthier. On the other hand, if we promote these restaurants, the economy of the town will improve, because their benefits, unlike those of multinational chain restaurants, will be reinvest in the town.

Secondly I’m against reducing the speed limit in the town to 30 kph because 50 kph is clearly enough. Maybe we can reduce the speed limit downtown and in some residential areas, but not in the entire city because this would prompt more traffic jams. We can use speed bumps in pedestrian crossings to reduce the speed and prevent accidents.

Next I’m for moving all big supermarkets outside the city since this will improve the traffic downtown; with this we could reduce traffic jams in the rush hour. Moreover, a lot of freight lorries wouldn’t need to enter the city. You may think that the problem with moving all big supermarkets outside the city is that you need the car to go buying, but even if you live close to a big supermarket, you will probably need the car, because the weekly shopping could be too heavy. Another point is that there isn’t any free space in the city centre and if we move the supermarkets, we will gain space to build museums or libraries.

Finally I’m against creating more cycle lanes in the city, at least downtown, because I think that pedestrian areas are incompatible with cycle lanes, therefore we should promote pedestrian areas instead of cycle lanes. Although, as bicycles are an environmentally friendly means of transport and really healthy for us, so we can create more cycle lanes in the suburbs and the outskirts, but not in downtown.

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6 comentarios to “Redacción de Inglés: Promoting Slow Cities”

  1. acuario Says:


    • caldorim Says:


  2. kachimba3000 Says:

    Are you cocaine?

    • caldorim Says:

      No, I’m not. Sorry. Why do you say that?

  3. Maribel Says:

    Hola, Caldorim! Acabo de descubrir tu blog. Me parecen muy interesantes tus redacciones de inglés. Yo ahora estoy en primero de avanzado en la Eoi. Tu sigues con el inglés? Saludos.

    • caldorim Says:

      Hola Maribel! El inglés lo tengo un poco abandonado, pues al terminar segundo de intermedio me metí de lleno a prepararme unas oposiciones, las cuales acabo de aprobar, así que quizá al curso que viene lo retome de nuevo a ver si lo consigo terminar.


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