Redacción de Inglés: Promoting Slow Cities

Esta es otra de las redacciones de inglés que confeccioné en segundo nivel intermedio de la EOI. En esta ocasión teníamos que poner puntos a favor y en contra para promocionar una ciudad como “Slow City”. Quedó una cosa así:

First of all I’m for promoting small family restaurants because these kind or restaurants serve local and regional food, elaborated with traditional recipes. We all know that slow food is the best way to feel better and healthier. On the other hand, if we promote these restaurants, the economy of the town will improve, because their benefits, unlike those of multinational chain restaurants, will be reinvest in the town.

Secondly I’m against reducing the speed limit in the town to 30 kph because 50 kph is clearly enough. Maybe we can reduce the speed limit downtown and in some residential areas, but not in the entire city because this would prompt more traffic jams. We can use speed bumps in pedestrian crossings to reduce the speed and prevent accidents.

Next I’m for moving all big supermarkets outside the city since this will improve the traffic downtown; with this we could reduce traffic jams in the rush hour. Moreover, a lot of freight lorries wouldn’t need to enter the city. You may think that the problem with moving all big supermarkets outside the city is that you need the car to go buying, but even if you live close to a big supermarket, you will probably need the car, because the weekly shopping could be too heavy. Another point is that there isn’t any free space in the city centre and if we move the supermarkets, we will gain space to build museums or libraries.

Finally I’m against creating more cycle lanes in the city, at least downtown, because I think that pedestrian areas are incompatible with cycle lanes, therefore we should promote pedestrian areas instead of cycle lanes. Although, as bicycles are an environmentally friendly means of transport and really healthy for us, so we can create more cycle lanes in the suburbs and the outskirts, but not in downtown.

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Redacción de Inglés: Discussing public/private medicine

En esta redacción de segundo de nivel intermedio de la EOI había que discutir sobre los beneficios y perjuicios de la medicina pública y privada. Me quedó una cosa así:

What would you prefer if you could choose? Public medicine, with its waiting lists, bored and tired although well-prepared doctors and excellently-equipped hospitals and health centres or private medicine, with too expensive bills, smiling doctors and nurses who look after you (and your money) and with much shorter or even no waiting lists?

In my opinion, public medicine is absolutely essential because there are too many people that cannot afford private services. Therefore, the professionals of public medicine usually have more experience than the private ones, although in many cases, they are the same professionals. The worst of all are the interminable waiting lists for appointments with specialists and surgeons. And, what is being done to reduce this? Nothing, apart from manipulated data.

On the other hand, private medicine is the best way not only to avoid the huge waiting lists of public medicine, but also to have a second opinion about your health problems (despite of the bill).

To conclude, I think that both of them are necessary and they can live together in harmony. Nevertheless, oddly enough, unless I were in a hurry, I would prefer public medicine even if I were rich, in spite of the fact that we all know that this system must be improved.

Redacción de Ingés: Describing a house

Otra de las redacciones de inglés que compuse el año pasado era sobre la descripción de una casa: debiamos poner el anuncio de una casa en alquiler, haciendo la descripción de la misma. Me basé en la casa de mi amiga Alicia, en Robledillo de la Vera, la que por cierto, no se alquila! Ahí va: 

Do you need to relax and recharge your batteries? You only need to spend a weekend in this superb house and all your stress will disappear!

This amazing house is situated in Robledillo de la Vera, a little village in the North of Cáceres, and it is oriented to the Gredos mountains so it has breathtaking views, especially in winter since the snow cover the mountains.

It’s a spacious house with 2 floors and a basement with a magnificent stone facade and a beautiful and well-kept terrace full of plants and flowers. The ground floor has a large and country décor kitchen, a light living room, a pleasant dining room with room for 12 people, a little bathroom and a bedroom. Upstairs, there are 4 spacious bedrooms and a large bathroom with a Jacuzzi. Two of these bedrooms have an enormous balcony with spectacular views, where you can breathe the relaxing air of the Vera.

There is enough room in the basement for 2 cars and there is also another kitchen/dining room and a toilet.

It’s a quiet and safe neighborhood and the neighbours are really kind and friendly. The village is in the middle of the Vera so it is easy to discover the entire region from here.

This house has central heating, air conditioner and internet. It’s perfect to families or group of friends that need to have a rest. Sorry, no pets.

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Redacción de Inglés: Must have DVD: Inception

Este año no he podido continuar con mis clases de inglés enla EOI, pues ahora toca estudiar para las próximas oposiciones, y me da muchísima pena, pues de verdad que me gustaba ir a clase y notaba que cada día aprendía algo nuevo, además teníamos un grupo bastante animado de estudiantes y nos lo pasábamos muy bien, sobre todo cuando la profe acompañaba (ay Nieves, lo que te echaremos de menos!!).

Para evitar echar de menos mis clases de inglés y para repasar un poco, publicaré de vez en cuando alguna de las redacciones que hice el curso pasado, en Nivel Intermedio 2.

Hoy toca la sinopsis de una película, en la que teníamos que narrar una película e indicar si era recomendable o no, además había que usar en la medida de lo posible la voz pasiva. En mi caso escogí Origen (Inception):

Have you seen an unusual film recently? Lately, it seems that only remakes of earlier films, especially blockbusters, have been made. So, when you see film with an original plot it is like a breath of fresh air and Inception is the freshest film in the last years.

Inception was directed and written by Christopher Nolan, the same director that had directed the last update versions of Batman or who directed and wrote the amazing Memento. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio who plays the part of Cobb.  This actor has played other interesting characters in his last films, like Shutter Island or The Departed. The film was nominated for 8 Oscars, including best picture and best original screenplay.

The film is set in several locations like the United States, Japan, France, Morocco… in an alternative present where technology makes it possible to enter into people’s mind through their dreams.

The film is about Cobb’s odd skill, which makes him able to enter in the minds of his targets using dream within a dream to extract information. At the beginning of the film, Cobb and his colleagues try to extract information from Mr. Saito, a powerful and rich businessman from Tokyo, but they fail and the company which hired him wants to kill him. Nevertheless, Mr. Saito realizes Cobb’s skill and wants him to do a special work: planting an idea within Mr. Saito’s rival instead of extracting information: if Cobb does the job well, Mr. Saito will help him to come back home since he can not come back because he is suspected of murdering his wife.

I strongly recommend Inception due to its superb script, the brilliant cast and the breathtaking special effects, with special mention to the collapse of the Japanese Castle and the hotel without gravity. In my opinion, it is one of the best films I have seen in the last years.

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Exámenes de Inglés – Nivel Intermedio

Me he encontrado por ahí algunos examenes de inglés para el nivel intermedio de la escuela de idiomas de Valencia, los cuales vienen genial para practicar, sobre todo para los speakings. Aquí los tenéis:









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Minisaga competition (3)

El tercer y último relato de los presentados es el que más ha gustado a la poca gente que se lo había mostrado hasta ahora. Es una historia de 79 palabras, rozando el límite máximo de 80, en clave de terror (o no…) sobre una hipotética situación que nos podría pasar a cualquiera de nosotros:

“The message”

It was 4.30 in the morning; I was sound asleep when the message ringtone on my mobile woke me out. I began sweating with fear, since it might be the terrible news I had been expecting for weeks. After a couple of interminable minutes, I stretched my trembling hand and took my phone. The light of the screen blinded my eyes, but after a while, I managed to read the message… Movistar offered me to send half-price messages!

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Minisaga competition (2)

El segundo de los relatos cortos, y el más breve de todos (sólo 52 palabras), lo escribí basándome en las sensaciones que tuve al ver a mi hija por primera vez. Es un poco meloso, pero espero que os guste:


“When I first saw you”

And then I saw you and the string that tied the hours of my watch snapped and suddenly I could hear as I had never heard, I could smell as I had never smelled, I could see as I had never seen and … I could love as I had never loved.